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Welcome to Catlow Labradoodles! On our website you will find general information on Catlow Labradoodle puppies, learn the puppy do's and the puppy dont's when caring for Labradoodles, and also be able to find out when our Catlow Labradoodle puppy litters are due.

Labradoodle Puppy

We are small licensed breeding kennels in the heart of the Lancashire countryside. Our family farm extends to 150 acres and provides our Labradoodles with lots of scope for exercise and investigations. All our dogs are loved as part of our family and all Labradoodle puppies are expertly socialised by our own children and all the willing helpers who have their ponies at Livery with us.

We were initially drawn to the idea of Labradoodles as we fully appreciate the advantages of a planned cross-bred puppy and all the extra vigour this creates. Our experience of breeding all kinds of livestock on the farm has always confirmed our belief that planned cross-breeding is superior and produces stronger, healthier off-spring, than conventional breeding methods.

The stars of our Labradoodle breeding program are our men of the house, Alfie and Frodo. Alfie is a Champagne Standard Poodle and the biggest softie on four legs. Frodo is our equally friendly and handsome Blue Standard Poodle. We are currently producing F1 Labradoodles (a first generation cross between a Labrador and a Standard Poodle) and F1B Labradoodles (a cross between an F1 Labradoodle and a Standard Poodle).

Our main aims are first and foremost to have fun with our Labradoodles and their health and happiness is our first consideration. At the same time this allows our children to experience the pleasure of our dogs and puppies and to learn about all the responsibilities that go along with owning any animal.

It is our firm belief that Labradoodles are the absolute ultimate family dog. Affectionate, loyal, and kind, these dogs love children, walks, cuddles and joining in with all family activities.

Please look around our website and find out more about Labradoodles, check when our own Catlow Labradoodle puppy litters are due, or contact us to discuss owning a beautiful Labradoodle pup of your own.


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